Meet one of our latest ACE certified Personal Trainer: Daniel Soh


Daniel was part of the July 2016 Intake of our 48 hour ACE Certified Personal Trainer course.

He was also one of the few brave students who decided to sit the infamous 150 questions ACE exam less than one month after completing the course. His decision was the right one as he passed it with flying colours!

Everyone at the FIT Academy Singapore is really proud of this great achievement and wish him a successful and enriching career in the Industry he loves.

We hope to be a part of his upcoming success with our varied selection of short courses/continuous education.


A little bit about Daniel…

daniel-soh“I have been interested in fitness and constantly involved in it for over 20 years now. I tried changing my passion briefly 8 years ago, but realised that my love for fitness was too strong to just call it quits.
To me, training is a way of life which builds mental discipline that flows into other aspects of my life. I would be happy to share my philosophy and approach to all who are open to learn and listen to new ideas. On the same note, I am always hungry for groundbreaking knowledge and experience in relation to training. That hunger has led me to pursue the ACE course even though it was irrelevant to my professional career. The money was well spent in the sense that I got to speak with industry professionals who specialise in subjects like anatomy, nutrition, posturlogy and I walked away each week with refreshing new ideas for my own workouts!
On a personal note, I am more interested in subjects like anatomy, posture and structural balance of the human body.”


If you would like to get in contact with Daniel, please contact us at


If like Daniel you have a passion for training, health and fitness that you would like to take further, we have great news for you: we will be holding our next intake of the ACE Certified Personal Trainer Course starting mid-January 2017. The course will be held every Saturday from 9am to 5pm for eight (8) consecutive weeks (excluding public holidays).

Please contact us at or for more information/to express your interest.