Meet AFC Personal Trainer of the Year 2016, Saudi Tan from Singapore

The AFC Personal Trainer of the Year Award recognizes the Personal Trainer who embodies the traits of an excellent role model for personal trainers in Asia. Someone with a professional demeanour, who delivers quality training practices to a variety of clients, who offers community service and who contributes positively to the growth and development of the industry. 


Saudi receiving her award on October 8th 

FIT Singapore was present at the AFC and was so proud and excited when Saudi was awarded this prestigious award. 
This is a little bit about her…


1- How long have you been a Personal Trainer/Coach for?
I have been a Fitness Coach for 5 years. I used to be a Physical Educator.


2- What do you specialise in? (e.g Bootcamp, Strength and Conditioning, Rehab, Functional Training, Weight loss, Pre/Post Natal, etc)
A big part of what I do in FuelFit is Outdoor Group Training (similar to bootcamp but alot more intimate and personal) 
I also specialize in Lifestyle Coaching which includes Functional Training and Nutrition & Mental Wellness Coaching.


3- How important is continuing education for you and Fitness Professionals in general.
I personally take continuing education very seriously as I believe that the industry is evolving constantly with new research findings and scientific data. 
With continuing education, I can keep abreast with the latest knowledge, expand my skills set and more importantly, increase the value I can give to my clients.
I keep aside an annual budget to make sure I attend at least 1 certification course and 1 conference a year. 
I strongly encourage all fitness professionals to plan for educating themselves at least once a year. 


4- Any advice for a brand new personal trainer who just got certified?
Don’t be afraid to ask for help and also don’t assume you know everything.
The best fitness professionals are always willing to guide and mentor you, you just have to ask! 
In fact, even the best of us are still learning from each other and have our own mentors/coaches to support us in this journey to impact and change more lives through fitness. 


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Saudi and her team at Fuel Fit