GFIT: Your first step in becoming a skilled Group Fitness Instructor

Have you always wanted to be a group fitness instructor but you don’t know where to start? Or maybe you have already done a branded certification (Zumba, LesMills, etc) but you do not feel confident enough to take the plunge?

This 2-day course will give you everything you need to know to excel in group fitness. You will learn the science behind exercise movements, how to start and end a class, how to listen, move and instruzhyweect with or without music. This course is your key to become a professional group fitness instructor!
For this second intake, our educator will be once again the amazing Siti Zhywee who needs no introduction to the Singapore fitness scene.
Zhywee is a gorgeous person inside and out, making her such a great role model to the community. We are very lucky to count her amongst our team of local educators.

What she has achieved with our first intake students was outstanding. In only the space of two days she med complete novices into confident and bubbly new group instructors.


The second intake will be even better as we have sit down with Zhywee and tweaked some details to make it an even better learning experience.



Saturday and Sunday 11-12 February 2017
9:00AM – 6:00PM


Exam: Saturday 18th February 2017 (time TBA)

Course venue
FIT Academy Singapore
55 Newton Rd
Revenue House
Singapore 307987

Early Bird Special (before 20th January 2017): $SGD675
After 9th September: $SGD780

ACE (1.7 CEC) Accreditation Points