Boot Camp Senior Instructor Course & Mentoring Program with SGT Ken® Level 1 and 2


This is a comprehensive Boot Camp Instructor Course and Mentoring Program (aka “Tactical Fitness Leader Course”) that will take 12 hours (1.5 days) to complete. Created by US Army Master Fitness Trainer, Master Resilience Trainer and highly decorated combat veteran SGT Ken®, this curriculum is like no other! You will be immersed in proper form and safety protocols, planning and executing highly effective foundational fitness programs for indoor and outdoor environments, cadence calls, circuit fitness training, military-style obstacle courses and fitness tests, fitness games, partner-assisted exercises, individual tracking techniques and program implementation. You will also be mentored on your presentation techniques through the use of improvisation and theater games. You will be challenged to make your own tactical fitness classes that will be evaluated for improved future performances. Don’t miss you chance to learn what it takes to become a genuine fitness Drill Sergeant in 12 hours!


What’s this course about?

Boot camp fitness instructors lead the fight against obesity, challenging participants to become their absolute best through the use of effective and exciting functional fitness training as practiced by elite military forces. The results are body fat loss, improved strength and stamina, increased confidence, and higher spirits.

Developed by United States Army Master Fitness and Master Resilience Trainer and Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran Ken Weichert (a.k.a. “SGT Ken”), this cofuncyurse utilizes highly effective physical training techniques practiced by elite military forces. Participants will be immersed in proper form and safety, planning and executing functional fitness programs for outdoor and indoor environments, cadence calls, circuit fitness training, military-style obstacle courses and fitness tests, fitness games, partner-assisted exercises, individual tracking techniques and diet and nutrition.

Who will benefit?

Boot camp trainers, group exercise instructors, personal trainers, etc.

Course Content

Section: One (4 hours)

  • Learn to teach Static Action Sports with hands on learning and practical application.
  • Understand presentation techniques.
  • Keep your participants safe with effective vocal queuing techniques.
  • Add authenticity to your presentations with Cadence calling and shout-backs.
  • Learn how the military teaches marching and running as a squad.
  • Save your voice by learning theater vocal exercises.
  • Reinforce your teaching technique with part two of Static Action Sports.

Section: Two (4 hours)

  • Track your participants with SGT Ken’s Height and Weight Table Analysis and Body Fat Testing Procedures.
  • Find out how your training has worked for your participants by using the US Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT).
  • Learn how to apply physical testing and easy tracking techniques to recognize growth and areas for improvement.
  • Learn how to develop a strong brand to help grow your program.
  • Teaching effectively means always paying attention to the details. Learn to refine each exercise with proper form, posture and safety.
  • Create variety in your workouts by learning partner-assisted exercises. Part Eight
  • Learn to teach SGT Ken’s most requested workout – Military Circuit Training.

Section: Three (4 hours)

  • Take your participants to the next level with Nutrition Basics and SGT Ken’s Savory Survival Guide.
  • Keep your business safe by implementing physical fitness self-assessments (PAR-Q form).
  • Learn how to put it all together with SGT Ken’s lesson plan development mentoring session.
  • Find out what you’ve learned with performance evaluations.
  • Review all of the course materials to reinforce learning.
  • Graduate from SGT Ken’s course. You’ve earned it! Congratulations!

Learning materials

  • Instructor training and testing
  • Instructor manual
  • Reference library on a DVD (additional fee)


Upon completion of the course, you will receive ‘Boot Camp Senior Instructor Course and Mentoring Program with SGT Ken® Level 1 and 2’ certificate of completion.

How to Sing up?

When: SGT Bootcamp will be held on 1-2 May (Monday 9am to 6pm & Tue 9am to 1pm)

Where: FIT Singapore/TMP Fitness @ Revenue House (55 Newton Rd, 05-02, 307987)

Cost: Super Early Bird Special of $375 (before 17/03/2017) Early Bird Special of $420 (before 07/04/2017) Regular $550

ACE 1.2 CEC’s 

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In terms of payment, we accept cash, cheque or bank transfer. Below are the details if you prefer to use bank transfer.

Bank                    : OCBC 

Account name    : Fitness Innovations Singapore Pte Ltd

Account no         : 508 7827 78001

Kindly email your proof of payment to by stating the name of the registered participant.

Your registration will be confirmed by us in writing or by call.

For cash or cheque payment, please visit our FIT Singapore office located at Revenue House #05-02.

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