MetaPWR Coach Course


What’s this course about?

This course is to certify you to be a MetaPWR Coach.

MetaPWR is the long awaited, new group X workout from Metafit™

Sticking to our fundamental training principles, we have created a power circuit class using functional kit and exercises to work muscle and boost metabolism. The perfect training tool for class teachers, coaches and trainers to use as a studio class, outdoor workout or PT group session.

Who will benefit?

 Gym instructor, fitness instructor, personal trainer, group exercise instructor, functional training coach and bootcamp instructor

What’s covered?

A simple 1 day certification course to qualify to deliver metaPWR workouts. All tracks uploaded with our unique metafit commands, countdowns and backing music, plus special ‘Power Play’ features in each workout, think metafit with functional kit!! Easy to use downloads, free media pack, circuit cards and exercise video library. Kit packages available for metaPWR coaches.

  • Masterclass
  • Science Behind MetaPWR. True HIIT vs PWR. Metabolic Energy Systems.
  • MetaPWR Warm Up
  • Teaching MetaPWR
  • The basics – Kettlebells, Powerbags, Battle Ropes, Slam balls.
  • Modifications and Safety.
  • Practical Assessment
  • Launching MetaPWR into your business

Learning materials

  • Metapwr’s handouts/ manual/ online materials


1. What is the difference between Metafit and Metapwr? (see video below)

Metafit is HIIT. MetaPWR is Power. Different training principles. MetaPWR uses equipment (Kettlebells, Power bags, Battle Ropes, Wall balls).

2.Is there a pre-requisite to do metapwr?

We recommend that you are at least a group exercise trainer. Using specialised equipment does require exercise knowledge.

3.Must they do Metafit before they do metapwr?


4. I see that metapwr has no subscription which is different from metafit, how does that work?

Once certified, trainers can buy workouts as they go depending the amount of equipment they have.

How to Sing up?

When: Metafit PWR will be held on 23 April (Sunday)  10am to 5pm

Where: FIT Singapore/TMP Fitness @ Revenue House (55 Newton Rd, 05-02, 307987)

Cost: Early Bird Special of $350 (before 01/04/2017) Regular $400

ACE 0.7 CEC’s 

Click here to download the Metafit PWR Application Form, complete and return to us at, along with your payment proof.

In terms of payment, we accept cash, cheque or bank transfer. Below are the details if you prefer to use bank transfer.

Bank                    : OCBC 

Account name    : Fitness Innovations Singapore Pte Ltd

Account no         : 508 7827 78001

Kindly email your proof of payment to by stating the name of the registered participant.

Your registration will be confirmed by us in writing or by call.

For cash or cheque payment, please visit our FIT Singapore office located at Revenue House #05-02.

If you would like more information then please contact or