Continuing Education Courses

Weight Loss Specialist

Learn about the physiology and psychology of weight loss, nutrition, exercise guidelines, behavioural modification and relevant assessments to design weight loss exercise programs for your clients. This workshop prepares you for 3 international Fitness Certification:
NASM Weight Loss Specialist

Unveil secrets to long term weight loss success and Join the battle against obesity!

ACE Health Coach

Emphasizes fitness, nutrition & the science behind behavior modification, helping professionals connect with people in a way that makes them not only want to change, but believe they can do it  for long term.

NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist

Provide your clients with up-to-date nutritional information & guidance to help them achieve health goals after dietary assessment.



Corrective Exercise & Post Rehabilitation


FiT Corrective Exercise Specialist (NASM)

Eliminate pain and improve posture, flexibility while reducing the risk of nagging injuries through innovative corrective exercise programs. Attend this workshop and then sign up for the NASM Specialist Certificate.


Pre & Post Rehab Training

Join the new generation of trainers and learn how to effectively train clients with functional low-risk injuries to help them return to optimal movement capability. 



Training Techniques


Functional Fusion Training

Learn to work through 60 exercise variations using and integrating at least 5 different functional training tools, outlining the benefits of each type of equipment and their appropriateness for particular situation and clients.


Advanced Muscle & Strength Development

Designed for experienced fitness professionals with a solid grounding in personal training to provide them with strategies, tactics and techniques to help clients whose goal is to successfully develop hypertrophy, strength, power and endurance.


Complete Ball Training

Learn how to integrate Medicine Balls, soft-touch Fitness Balls, reaction balls, BOSU® Balance Trainer and Ballast Balls and Stability or Fitballs alone or in combination with other tools into your client programs for 1-on-1,small group or boot camp–style group format.
Training Specific Populations


FiT Women Fitness Specialist (NASM)

Address the very special needs of women – through all their life phases – and help them achieve their fitness goals. Attend this workshop and then sign up for the NASM Specialist Certificate.

FiT Senior Fitness Specialist (NASM)

Extend and improve the lives of seniors with specialized training programs to restore muscle mass, improve flexibility and reduce risk of injuries and falls. Attend this workshop and then sign up for the NASM Specialist Certificate.


 FiT Youth Exercise Specialist (NASM)

Motivate youth directing them towards of lifetime love of fitness. Tailor fitness programs designed specifically for a young population. Attend this workshop and then sign up for the NASM Specialist Certificate.

Training Pregnant & Post-Partum Clients

The Pregnant and Post-Partum Clients course covers the physiological changes associated with pregnancy and explains how these changes require changes in the design of exercise programs for this special population. Both personal training programs and group fitness classes are discussed.


Training Client with Lower Back Pain

This course has been designed for fitness instructors and/or managers that wish to improve their ability to work with special populations with lower back pain.


Fitness Business


Fitness Center Management

Get comprehensive guidance in developing, leading, managing and operating a successful health or fitness centre.



8 thoughts on “Continuing Education Courses

  1. Dear Sir / Madam,

    I am interested to be a wellness coach and want to enquire know more about the Ace Health Coach course.

    Hope to hear from you.

    Linda Wong

  2. I m from India and want to a course for fitnes and want start classes in Bangalore India. Is there any course of yours that I can take up. I want to know the duration and types of courses of your organisation

  3. I’m Mani India and want to do course in nasm weight loss specialist
    Its available in Bangalore.please let me know

  4. Dear Sir / Madam,

    I am interested to be a NASM Weight Loss Specialist or ACE Health Coach and want to enquire know more about the this course.

    Hope to hear from you.

    Faz Juma’at

  5. Hello,

    Do you have a schedule of courses offered from September this year?


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