Essential Science Updates with Fabio Comana

Scientific knowledge drives successful personal training. Understanding principles is often confusing or hard to master, especially with regards to fat loss and metabolism. We eat, sleep, train, and repeat. Striving to get fitter, slimmer, bigger and stronger, but neglecting important aspects that hinder results like recovery?

We think movement, metabolism and muscle conditioning, but what attention do you give to breathing where it all starts?

We prescribe core exercises, but what is your real understanding of lumbo-pelvic hip stability and integrated stability-mobility for the entire body?

This seminar will update your knowledge and cover various topics to clarify concepts, update you on current topics in exercise science and teach you strategies to effectively design, develop and deliver results for your clients or yourself.

Train with a purpose , understand principles and create successful methodologies.

Four Topics will be covered during this seminar:-

1. Fat and Metabolism Update 

As a population obsessed with weight loss, the mere mention of “metabolism” or “fat” grabs attention. Unfortunately, much confusion surrounding the research and methodology for programming in this area still exists. Come to this session to gain a better understanding of the complexities of each, gather updates in recent research, and learn how to effectively design, develop and deliver strategies to achieve those much-desired results.

2. Stress, Recovery and Overtraining 

Stress and inflammation continue to garner medical and media attention, but why? – what is the link between stress, inflammation, and overall quality of life? Let’s review emerging research in this area and how it trumps our diet and activity programming. Join us to gain a deeper understanding of concepts and applications so you can expand your services and truly be successful. Research in medicine, psychology and fitness continues to explore the importance of recovery and methodologies for monitoring its effect upon of health and performance. This session will also review current and emerging strategies for monitoring stress and optimizing recovery, and the applications of technology and manual practices that practitioners can utilize with their clients, patients and athletes to maximize results.

3. Breathing Strategies for Improved Health, Fitness and Performance and the Implications of Ventilation on Metabolism 

We all think movement, metabolic and muscle conditioning, HIIT programs and fat loss, but guess what we all forget? It all begins with ventilation and breathing efficiency to help in training, recovery and overall wellness. Join us to understand the importance of breathing on overall health, fitness and performance, and learn key breathing strategies you can use to elevate your training effectiveness and impact. What does breathing have to do with metabolism? Trying to make sense of it all? Well then, look no further – this session will provide you with a clearer understanding of the science so you can program and educate effectively.

4. Ideas in Stability-Mobility Training including Core, Myofascial Release and Stretching  

Many believe movement is driven primarily by muscle extensibility, but it only accounts for about 47% of movement at joints, so what is the rest? What about static stretching before or after exercise? How about foam rolling or fascial compression techniques? Should I incorporate PNF or AIS stretching? What about planes of motion in stretching? Is joint mobilization or distraction useful? Uncertain or confused? We all utilize core exercises, but do you really have a sense of purpose and understanding on lumbo-pelvic hip stability, the three layers of trunk musculature and respective functions? How about training specific to the local and global layers, exercise progressions and training in balance to avoid low-back injury? Think you need an update? Well, join this session for a research and application update to understand how this all fits together to benefit you and your clients. Get your version 2.0 in this session and train with a purpose.

The full workshop is 8 hours with 0.8 ACE CEC’s

Available as individual modules each 2 hours (0.2 ACE CEC’s)


Course Schedule

830am-1030am – Fat and Metabolism Update (Lecture)
1045am-1245pm – Stress, Recovery and Overtraining (Lecture)
1245pm-0145pm – Lunch Break
0145pm-0345pm – Breathing Strategies for Improved Health, Fitness and Performance (Lecture)
0400pm-0600pm – Ideas in Stability-Mobility Training including Core, Myofascial Release and Stretching (Workshop)

In between sessions we are giving either 15 minutes or 1 hour lunch break.



We are extremely excited to welcome Fabio here at Fit Singapore. With his amazing profile that includes: Faculty instructor at SDSU, UCSD and NASM, SCW educator, and scientific advisor for Orange Theory Fitness, Core Health and Fitness, Stroops, and Turbostrapp. Previously, with ACE – original creator of ACE’s IFT™ model and live educational workshops. Prior experiences include collegiate head coach, university strength-conditioning coach; and opening/managing clubs for Club One. International presenter; media spokesperson and accomplished author.

Don’t miss your chance to learn from the best!

How to Sign up?

When: Thursday 15th June 9am to 6pm

Where: FIT Singapore/TMP Fitness @ Revenue House (55 Newton Rd, 05-02, 307987)

Cost: Early Bird Special of $380 (before 19/05/2017) Regular $450 or $150 per module

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