Advanced Muscle and Strength Development

The Advanced Muscle &  Strength Development course aims to enhance personal trainers’ ability to design progressive long-term programmes for clients wishing to build muscle mass or tone their muscles. Get hands on experience on a variety of advance strength training techniques to overcome plateau, maximize strength gain and promote muscle growth.

On completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Advise and assist clients in setting realistic and progressive goals for the short-, medium- and long-term;
  • Prescribe a variety of exercises using a number of different techniques that specifically target strength and muscle mass development as well as muscle toning;
  • Correctly and safely train and spot clients using these techniques; and
  • Design and implement periodisation programmes based on clients’ goals and current fitness levels.

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Course Content

  The Advanced Strength Training course is made up of four main topic areas as follows:
  • Principles of Advanced Strength Training explores a number of key principles of advanced strength training and reviews several techniques currently in use to enhance muscle development and toning.
  • Advanced Strength Training Techniques provides participants with an opportunity to practice the training techniques as well as spotting techniques for specific exercises.
  • Goal Setting reviews the principles of realistic goal setting in terms of strength development, muscle mass building and toning over time.
  • Periodisation Program Design introduces participants to the principles of periodisation as well as to the phases of periodisation programmes. Participants will learn how to build and integrate exercise prescriptions through a number of phases to help clients meet long-term fitness goals. Participants will work through a variety of cases studies to hone their skills.

Who will be teaching?

Jerrican Tan  co-founded FiT Malaysia in the year 2007, is a fitness educator in the region and manages FiT in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. FiT offers international standard certification exam preparation courses and continuing education courses for fitness professionals in countries around Asia. Prior to his contribution to FIT,  he had solid years of experience as a personal trainer and fitness manager of an international fitness chain Jerrican is also a former Mr. Malaysia Junior Champion and Mr. Asia Junior finalist,  a fitness advisor to Men’s Health Malaysia magazine and also a state bodybuilding judge. He is also a member in the board of programme studies for educational programme under the Physical Education Faculty for Universiti Putra Malaysia and a fitness industry advisor for Universiti Sains Malaysia.