FIT – Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES)

Course Overview
The preferred injury prevention and recovery credential of professional athletes and teams. Deliver consistent results, and maximize function and performance using corrective exercise strategy. With CES, you gain recognition as an elite professional by expanding your knowledge of human movement science and your abilities to restore movement efficiency. This comprehensive one-day, hands-on, interactive workshop teaches you the rationale, design strategy and methodology driving corrective exercise; inhibiting overactive myofascial tissue, lengthening, and activating muscle tissue, and progressing into functional, integrated movement for traditional fitness or performance-based programs. Learn how movement assessments and corrective exercise strategies enhance injury prevention, recovery, movement efficiency and performance.

You’ll help clients and athletes prevent injuries, reduce movement deficiencies, improve muscle imbalances, and maximize results by creating safe, individualized training programs by identifying dysfunctions, developing a plan of action, and implementing corrective exercise solutions.

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Who will be teaching?

Jerrican Tan  co-founded FiT Malaysia in the year 2007, is a fitness educator in the region and manages FiT in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. FiT offers international standard certification exam preparation courses and continuing education courses for fitness professionals in countries around Asia. Prior to his contribution to FIT,  he had solid years of experience as a personal trainer and fitness manager of an international fitness chain Jerrican is also a former Mr. Malaysia Junior Champion and Mr. Asia Junior finalist,  a fitness advisor to Men’s Health Malaysia magazine and also a state bodybuilding judge. He is also a member in the board of programme studies for educational programme under the Physical Education Faculty for Universiti Putra Malaysia and a fitness industry advisor for Universiti Sains Malaysia.