The World Calisthenics Organization (WCO) StreetSport® Level 1 & 2

About World Calisthenics Organization (WCO) & Streetsports ®

Founded by Kenneth Gallarzo and Brendan Cosso, the World Calisthenics Organization (WCO) was created for calisthenics enthusiasts by respected authorities on bodyweight training. The overarching intention of the WCO is to bring the calisthenics and street workout movement to the forefront of the mainstream fitness industry.

The WCO achieves this by educating the community on safe and effective training methods and holding one-of-a-kind events

Calisthenics has elements of practicality and versatility for trainees of all walks of life. It can produce gravity defying strength, while remaining accessible to older populations and kids.

Despite the countless athletes who have taken to bodyweight training, there has been very limited support or resources for enthusiasts unfamiliar with calisthenics. Fitness professionals and a growing community of practitioners are seeking a systematic approach to calisthenics, with no avail. The World Calisthenics Organization recognized this dysfunction, and plans to refine calisthenics education with StreetSport.

StreetSport, the methodology behind the WCO, has taken off on an international scale. Gyms worldwide are hosting StreetSport workshops, setting the standards and practices for facility owners looking to teach calisthenics to their members.

The WCO has continued to define their methodology, providing enthusiasts and fitness professionals with a comprehensive and accessible approach to bodyweight training.


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What’s this course about?

StreetSport Workshops provide trainers and enthusiasts with the skill and understanding necessary to excel at bodyweight training. Our Continued Education courses give greater depth to your calisthenics regime. Learn training theory and apply concepts in real time in these practical and conceptual Workshops. Fitness Enthusiasts can use these tools to get into amazing shape while having fun. Fitness Professionals can define a niche for themselves as calisthenic instructors in one of the largest trends in the industry.

Who will benefit?

Personal trainers, fitness instructors, group exercise instructors, physical education teachers, bootcamp instructors, bodyweight exercise practitioners, calisthenics enthusiasts, fitness enthusiasts, etc.

Who will be teaching?


Mike Marchese WCO Master Trainer, RockTape FMT Level II, NASM CPT , CES, SNS

With nearly a decade in the fitness industry, Mike Marchese has refined a progressive approach to body-weight training. By combining elements of calisthenics, traditional strength training, and preventative exercise, Mike has detailed an intuitive method for balanced programming. When not training clients at his gym in New York, Mike spends his time coaching internationally and developing free training utilities for fitness professionals and calisthenics enthusiasts.

Mike’s passion for bodyweight training & education has lead to his affiliation with the World Calisthenic Organization, as a WCO StreetSport Master Instructor.


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Course Content

Level 1 

  • Calisthenics Theory & Application
  • Stretches & Warm ups
  • Push up progressions
  • Pull up progressions
  • Inversion basics
  • Dip variations & progressions
  • Skin the cat
  • Squat to Pistol Squat series
  • Dragon Flags

Level 2

  • Intermediate-Advanced
  • Stretches & Warm Ups
  • Intermediate Inversions
  • Front & Back Level
  • Ring & Bar Muscle ups
  • Ring Training
  • Introduction to planche


In order to attend a Level 2 Workshop, you must first attend the SS1 workshop, or you should have the physical  ability to complete the following Pre-Requisites:

  • 30 second wall handstand

  • 8-10 pullups ( men)

  • 4-5 pullups ( female)

  • 15-20 dips ( men)

  • 7-10 Dips ( female)

  • 10 Second Crow position

  • (4) Dead hang to skin the cat


Course information

When: Monday 17 April 2017 Level 1 & Tuesday 18 April 2017 Level 2, 9am to 5pm both days

Where: TripleFit Singapore, 9 Raffles Boulevard, #02-63, Millenia Walk, Singapore 039596


Super Early Bird (until 10th March): $300/Course – $550/Combo

Early Bird (until 31 March): $360/Course – $675/Combo

Regular: $400/Course – $750/Combo


AFAA CEU 7; NASM 0.7; REPS UAE 8 CPD; ACE (Pending approval, TBA)


Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive “The World Calisthenics Organization (WCO) StreetSport Level 1 & 2 Certificate of Completion


email or WhatsApp +65 9781 4215

How to sign up

 Download the booking form here, fill it up and send it to, along with your payment proof.

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Account name    : Fitness Innovations Singapore Pte Ltd

Account no         : 508 7827 78001

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