Metafit™ is back!


It is now official: Metafit™ is back by popular demand for the second time ever in Singapore!

Our first edition was a success, we could not wait to offer this course again.
This time, our educator will be Daniel Wilson, the owner-operator of Metafit Asia-USA, coming all the way from Down-Under!

What is Metafit™ and why should you get certified?

The Metafit™ group workout is an effective and simple tool for fitness professionals looking for the workout that gets big results and increases client retention and revenue. To burn fat you need to change the resting metabolism, work big muscle groups with simple un choreographed, high intensity intervals and get quick results for your clients.

The Metafit workout can be taught as a studio class, small group or as a one to one/personal training session. 


Created by a former Royal Marine Commando Metafit™ combines traditional bodyweight exercises with the latest HIIT training techniques to set the metabolism on fire! No expensive kit required for this workout, each month qualified instructors receive an easy to download 25 minute, branded workout track with all commands and work/ rest intervals uploaded. Keep ahead of the competition and join the Metafit revolution.

Saturday 22nd October 2016, 
10AM – 5PM

Course venue
FIT Academy Singapore
55 Newton Rd
Revenue House
Singapore 307987

Early Bird Special: $SGD300
After September 23rd: $SGD350
ACE (0.6 CEC) Accreditation Points

Prerequisite: You have to be a certified Personal Trainer or Group Fitness Instructor to register.

For information/register:

Bodybuilding for Personal Trainer

This course introduces scientific and practical based approach towards attaining an aesthetic physique. It covers fundamentals exercise physiology, movement preparation, sports nutrition and a solid periodization programme to establish better motor unit recruitment, enhance muscle growth, effective fat loss plan, pre competition bodybuilding preparations.

Who will benefit?
Fitness enthusiast, gym instructor, fitness instructor, personal trainer, bodybuilding coach and general public.

What’s covered:

  • Understand the natural way of helping clients to build muscle and lose fat
  • Discover the physiology of muscle gain and fat loss
  • Assess client prior to training
  • Develop and implement programme for beginner, intermediate and advanced
  • Explore general nutrition and supplements for muscle gain and weight loss

Course Fee:
SGD 680
Super Early Bird (before 10th Sept 2016) – SGD 580
Early Bird (before 17th Sept 2016) – SGD 620

CEC Points

1st and 2nd October 2016 (Sat & Sun); 2 days

9am to 6pm

Course venue:
FIT Academy Singapore
55 Newton Road,
#05-02 Revenue House.
Singapore 307987
(Opposite Novena Square)

*Knowledge of basic exercise science
*Personal training experience

Course Educator

xFIT-Jerrican-Tan.jpg.pagespeed.ic.q1SYaKvXk5Jerrican Tan

Managing Director of Fitness Innovations Malaysia, Fitness Educator

Jerrican Tan co-founded Fitness Innovations Malaysia (FITM) in the year 2007 and manages this regionally renowned fitness education centre for fitness professionals since then. He is a prominent fitness educator for FIT establishment in Malaysia, Singapore, Shanghai and Indonesia for nearly a decade now as well as a key fitness industry advisor for local universities offering sports and exercise science programme.Having coached and mentored by Fabio Comana (world class exercise physiologist and fitness presenter for NASM and previously with ACE) and Dr. Suzanne Hosley (world class fitness educator & the founder of FIT Thailand and Asia Fitness Convention), Jerrican delivers preparation courses & continuing education courses for international fitness certifications like American Council on Exercise, National Academy of Sports Medicine and National Strength and Conditioning Association.

Jerrican also serve as a fitness advisor for Men’s Health Malaysia and a state bodybuilding judge. Prior to FITM, he was a Malaysia national junior bodybuilding champion and had solid years of experience as a personal trainer and fitness manager for an international fitness chain. Jerrican is a big believer in training with a purpose and is very persistent in developing & training more fitness professionals to help the public live a healthier and fitter lifestyle.

Learn the ART of Nutrition for Physique Athletes

Nutrition For The Physique Athlete

What’s this course about
The Nutrition For Physique Athlete workshop is for personal trainers, strength coaches and health professionals who wish to learn the key fundamental principles of designing effective and individualized nutrition plans for clients who train in physique sports, such as bikini model, fitness model, figure, men’s physique or bodybuilding.

You will be taught how to write nutrition programs in a systemized and professional manner, allowing them to take clients from ordinary to extraordinary!

Who will benefit
Fitness enthusiast, gym instructor, fitness instructor, personal trainer, group fitness instructors, aesthetic and bodybuilding coach

What’s covered

  • Learn the basic principles of nutrition program design such as BMR, activity level, energy requirements, macro ratios, and nutrient timing
  • Learn which types of foods to eat, how much, and when based on the physique category, lifestyle, and body type
  • Learn how to coach physique clients effectively so they actually follow your advice and get results
  • Learn about supplementation to improve general health, body composition, sleep, stress, digestion, and detoxification to enhance results with your physique athletes
  • Learn about peri-workout nutrition to optimize performance and recovery for physique athletes

What to wear
Fitness attire

CEC points

Course duration
1 day, 9am – 6pm

Course fee

  • Group-of-5 (End 30th Sept):                            $ 320.00
  • Super Early Bird (End 31st Aug 2016):            $ 360.00
  • Early Bird (End 30th Sept 2016):                      $ 420.00
  • Normal (October 2016):                                     $ 460.00

Basic fitness experience and nutritional basics

23 October 2016 (Sunday)

Grading critereia
To become a certified nutrition for physique athlete’s coach you will need to be able to demonstrate a thorough understanding and practical application of the material covered. The exam is composed of the following;

  1. Theory Exam – This section will test your knowledge and understanding of the theory covered. It will be composed of multiple choice and short answer questions. The minimum pass grade is 80%.
  1. Practical Assessment – In this section you will be required to apply the nutrition principles learned in class and design a nutrition plan using for one of the students in class selected at random.

Upon passing the theory exam and practical assessment, you will receive a Certified Nutrition for Physique Athlete’s Coach certificate awarded by Clean Health Fitness Institute Education, Australia.

Class capacity
Maximum 40 pax

Daine McDonaldDaine McDonald
Head Coach at the Clean Health Fitness Institute, Daine McDonald is one of Australia’s most in-demand trainers. Boasting extensive knowledge of functional medicine and first-hand experience in athletic training, he is known for his no-nonsense and integrative approach to helping his clients achieve rapid health and fitness goals, whether they are fat loss, muscle building or athletic performance. Over the course of Daine’s career he has coached, Olympic medalists national and international champions in track cycling, raw powerlifting, natural fitness and sports modelling, mogul skiing, and boxing. He has also coached professional NRL and ARU players. Daine holds formal qualifications in human movement and nutritional medicine, giving him a unique skill set that allows him to engage with clients from a multi-disciplinary approach. He is also an accomplished writer, contributing to numerous publications including Australian Women’s Health & Fitness; Men’s Muscle & Health, Oxygen Magazine; The Australian Biggest Loser Club; and Fitness First Magazine. He was also the Fitness Expert on ninemsn’s Health and Wellbeing website.

GFiT – Group Fitness Innovative Teaching Specialist Certificate Workshop

GFIT (Singapore)

What’s this course about?   This 2-day course will give you everything you need to know to excel in group fitness from science behind exercise movements, how to start to end a class, how to listen, move and instruct with or without music and how to become a professional group fitness instructor!

Who will benefit?   Fitness enthusiast, fitness instructor, personal trainer, group fitness instructor, bootcamp instructor, physical education personnel and general public

What’s covered?

Design and teach safe and effective cardio, strength and flexibility group classes for apparently healthy individuals
Demonstrate an understanding of human movement and how it is properly trained in a group setting
Demonstrate an understanding of pre-choreographed, pre-formatted and freestyle group training
Properly use a combination of visual, verbal and kinesthetic cueing in class
Progress and regress exercises for all levels
Demonstrate the intrinsic and extrinsic qualities of a successful group instructor


What to wear?   Sports attire

What to bring?   Stationary, clothes to change

Course duration   2 day, 9am – 6pm

Class capacity   Maximum of 24


  • Exercise experience
  • CPR + AED

Grading criteria    On the 2nd day, there will be a theory exam- multiple choice questions (80% passing score) and The Audition which is a practical assessment (which you need to pass).

Awards   Upon completion of the workshop, you will be awarded with GFiT Certificate of Completion.

CEC points   ACE 1.7 CECs (awarded to those who pass the exam)

Course Educator

FullSizeRender 2Siti Zhywee, ACE FISAF Certified Personal Trainer, SSC Certified Fitness Instructor, SSC Certified Group Exercise Instructor, Piloxing Elite Star (Asia) and Master Trainer (Singapore). Zhywee has been actively involved in the fitness industry with more than 10 years extensive experience. She has presented in fitness conventions in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Australia. She is the Chief Fitness Instructor for numerous seasons of weight management program “Lose To Win” by Health Promotion Board.

For further information and registration please write to:

Happy 11th Anniversary FIT!


Our History

FIT was founded in 2005 by Dr. Suzanne Hosley, who has over 20 years of experience in education and training. She has been a lifelong fitness proponent and is an avid runner and triathlete. She is ACE, NASM and ACSM CPT as well as an NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), a Twist Bronze Level Coach and an ISSN Sport Nutrition Specialist. She leads a team of highly qualified Senior Fitness Facilitators.
FIT now operates in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, the Philippines and Shanghai and has affiliates in India.

Who we are

Fitness Innovations Ltd (FIT) is committed to enriching quality of life and wellness of society, improving fitness and enhancing athletic performance through safe and effective exercise. We do so by enhancing the competencies of fitness professionals through our education, training and networking opportunities.

What we do

FIT is Southeast Asia’s first education, training and certification centre dedicated to developing world-class fitness professionals. We also raise awareness among fitness enthusiasts about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle through learning opportunities focusing on safe and effective fitness programmes, health and nutritional issues.



Is Rehab FX for you?


Are you a personal trainer, Crossfit coach, calisthenic, Bootcamp and/or group fitness instructor?

Are you using functional training elements like kettlebells, suspension training (TRX), olympic lifting, powerbags and others?

Then Rehab FX by Rehab Trainer is for you!

In this cutting edge two day class, you will learn:

  • How to minimise injuries in group fitness classes such as Bootcamp and Crossfit.
  • Corrective exercises using suspension training.
  • How to teach your clients human functional movement through powerbags.
  • How to use kettle bells properly: avoid injuries and improve activation and stability.

You can download a prospectus for the course here

Tuesday and Wednesday 23rd-24th August 2016

8:30AM – 5:00pm

Course venue
Virgin Active Fitness Club One Raffles Place
1 Raffles Place,
Tower 2, Level 6, One Raffles Place
Singapore 048616

Early Bird Special (before 31st July): $SGD1120
After 31st July: $SGD1200

Group Special (before 31st July, 5 minimum): $SGD960

ACE (1.4 CEC) Accreditation Points

Set yourself apart from the competition: Become a Strength and Conditioning Specialist.

The Fitness Industry is very competitive and finding a point of difference is very useful to get good clients and keep them.

What is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS®)?

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists® (CSCS®)
are professionals who apply scientific knowledge to train athletes for the primary goal of improving athletic performance.
They conduct sport-specific testing sessions, design and implement safe and effective strength training and conditioning programs and provide guidance regarding nutrition and injury prevention.



How can this makes you different from your peers and improve your business?
Like personal trainers and group exercise instructors, strength and conditioning coaches help others to improve their fitness.
But strength and conditioning coaches differ from the others in one very important way: the clients they work with are focused on improving their performance or skill in a sport. This is why strength and conditioning coaches work primarily with athletes and serious, motivated individuals.

You will attract clients that are enthusiastic, hard working and want to work with you on a long term basis. 
You might also even have the opportunity to work with a Sport team or club. In a nation like Singapore where the Sport Culture is growing exponentially, the possibilities are endless!

How to make the first step towards becoming a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist?
FIT Singapore is offering for the first time a four (4) day course that will be a preparation for the NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association) exam.

The course will be held on Monday to Thursday, 22nd – 25th August 2016

(please note that there has been a change of date, previously 1-4 August)


FIT Academy Singapore
55 Newton Rd
#05-02 Revenue House
Singapore 307987


Early Bird Special inclusive of exam and manual (before 31st July 2016 ): $1950.00

Regular Price: $ 2100.00

For information/register, contact Emilie at

The first step towards your new career!

Our next intake for the ACE Certified Personal Trainer Course is starting on Saturday July 30th and will be held every Saturday until September 17th.

Less than 72 hours left to take advantage of the Early Bird Special of $1845 (including the exam). After July 15th, the price will be $2000.

To sign up now, contact Emilie at

How good is the ACE Certification?
ACE emphasizes personalized training programs for all types of people through their patented ACE Integrated Fitness Training (ACE IFT) model.
Becoming a certified personal trainer through ACE is a great choice for individuals interested in working with a wide variety of clients.
One of the most widely accepted CPT certifications among employers. ACE presents a very transparent and structured organization, which is another advantage to take into consideration.
Highly recommended for those just starting out in personal training to provide a solid, well-rounded foundation.
With an ACE certification, you’ll be well-trained, highly employable, and you won’t spend all of your money getting it.

What are my prospects for jobs?
Other than commercial gyms, there are so many places a Certified Personal Trainer can work from: health club, hotel, cruise ship, resorts, etc The sky is the limit.
Our academy partners up with TMP Fitness, a gym situated at Revenue House in Novena (this is also where the academy is situated). Through TMP, we offer a program of apprenticeship, meaning that after completing your certification, you can work with us, with the help of a mentor, to kick start your fitness career.

How can I deal with the competition?
 The Fitness industry is competitive, but remember that your confidence and individuality is what gives you this unique selling point that will attract potential clients.
Einstein said it “Knowledge is power”. Surrounding yourself with great role models and constantly upgrading yourself through continuing education will truly help you to make your fitness career a successful one. All courses we offer are instrumental in making you a successful personal trainer.

Do you need to renew your CPR+AED Certification?


Do you know that holding a valid CPR and AED certification at all time is a requirement to work as a fitness professional?

Do you know that your certification is usually only valid for 2 or 3 years?

Is your CPR and AED certification expired or close to be?

We have great news for you!

FIT Singapore has partnered up with the Singapore Heart Foundation and will be offering this month the CPR and AED course!

Thursday 21st July 2016, 1:30PM – 5:30PM

FIT Academy Singapore
55 Newton Rd
Revenue House
Singapore 307987

Price: $100 (usually $107) including a “Mini Anne CPR and AED kit”

For information/register to the course, contact Emilie at

Congratulations to the first batch of Metafit Coaches in Singapore!


FIT Singapore is proud to present the first batch of Metafit coaches in Singapore!

They worked very hard both in the studio and classroom where they learned about the benefits of high intensity interval training (HIIT) with science to back everything up.

They are a very motivated bunch who will soon be offering Metafit as a part of their own personal training/ bootcamp business to help their clients reach their goals.

This is the first batch, but certainly won’t be the last!

If you are interested, please send in your interest at to be the first to know about the new course!